Want to contribute a Pesta Ubin activity?
Everyone is welcomed to contribute suitable activities! From the outdoors and nature to heritage, kampung life to makan. Walks, cycles, kayaking, other outdoor and water activities. Also exhibitions, talks, demonstrations. From Ubin Town to Bukit Puaka and the quarries, and the shores and waters around Pulau Ubin. From morning to night! The more the merrier!

More about Pesta Ubin, what activities are suitable for Pesta Ubin and and how to contribute a Pesta Ubin activity here.

Want to help out at Pesta Ubin?
It's easy to help!
Step 1: Like us on facebook. Tell everyone about Pesta Ubin!
Step 2: Come for Pesta Ubin activities
Step 3: Share on social media about your Ubin experience #PestaUbin

Other volunteer opportunities
Join Pesta Ubin activities that need volunteers. More updates will be posted when they become available.

Writing about Pesta Ubin?
If you would like to write about Pesta Ubin, photos for media use are in this flickr group. Our media release will be available in late April when more Pesta Ubin activities are finalised. Thank you!